Our Story




Welcome to TBF Boutique!  We are a locally owned and operated boutique from Wilson, NC!
I am Lisa Patterson and along with my husband Rusty we own TBF Boutique! We are so excited that our path has crossed with yours. There are many boutiques that you could choose to shop from on the internet, and we are grateful that you chose us! 🥰. We believe in hard work, dedication and customer service that surpasses everyone. We have been honored in 2019 as a runner up in Wilson’s Choice for “Favorite Boutique” and in 2020, we were honored and humbled to receive the First Place award for Wilson’s Choice “Favorite Boutique”. 
Many people ask how we started, well this is how the story goes. After years of selling through various MLM companies, I realized that selling for other people was not fulfilling.  I needed something to call my own.  This initial feeling was the seed that blossomed into The Blue Fairy.
In 2017, with a very small investment, our adventure began!  We took all the money we could scrounge up and set out on what would be the greatest and most fulfilling journey of our lives.  
We started with only a tiny box of jewelry.  Jewelry was going to be our primary focus but our customers had other ideas!  I was constantly being asked where I got my clothing, bags etc..  I was a little hesitant but eventually decided to have a little faith and expanded into clothing and eventually all kinds of other accessories as well!
TBF 💙🧚‍♀️ started solely online, selling through Facebook, small shops and vendor shows. Vendor shows are super fun and we have met so many wonderful people through them that we now call friends. It’s all fun and games until it takes multiple hours for set up and breakdown (while you’re still working full time). A customer AKA Fairy Doll (that is what we call all of our customers and employees) told me at a vendor show that my setup looked like a store and that I needed to open a storefront.  
When we finally got our minds wrapped around having an actual physical store, we found a location in ONE DAY! It was perfect, I taught Zumba at this location a couple of times  and always said if we owned a business that this would be the perfect place. In December of 2018 we officially had our very own brick and mortar store!
We have since expanded to a bigger location and made so many new friends along the way!  
Especially all the girls that we have had the opportunity to employ at TBF We knew we would probably have to hire a team when we opened our store, but we never knew that this team would become more like family! 
We can't wait to move forward and see what the future holds for us and of course for all of our fairy dolls!!!
Thanks for participating in our little journey!!