The Dream Team

Say hello to the dream team!

These are the girls that make it all possible for TBF!  You may see them smiling back at you in a picture on our socials, on our website or even in person if you come into our retail location! 

They are the ones that package and ship your orders, reply to your questions when I can't and so much more!  They are models, web designers, and social media gurus.  They can unpack it, put it in our system, place it on the rack and make you a dressing room when you are ready to try it on!  Need fashion advice or to know how it looks on?  They will be your go to girls!

They say any group is only as strong as it's weakest link.  I am so blessed that there are no weak links in this group.  They are down to the last one intelligent, beautiful girls that I absolutely could not run TBF without.  

- Lisa



Head Fairy In Charge

in trend fashion at TBF boutique.
Boutique fashion and accessories at TBF boutique.
green babydoll skirt at tbf boutique.
daydreamer white hoodie at tbf boutique.

Manager of it All

Cam K

Champagne Fairy 🍾

caribbean dress, boutique clothing, women's fashion at tbf boutique.
egyptian jumpsuit women's boutique clothing and jewelry at tbf boutique.
The Punk Rock 80’s Skirt at tbf boutique.
stefani 2 tank top at tbf boutique.

Chill Fairy


Baby Fairy

Cover Me Up Poncho at tbf boutique.
stefani 2 tank top at tbf boutique.