With a future as bright as yours, you’ll definitely need an array of options for the perfect pair of sunnies! Here at TBF we are your go to sunglass boutique.  We have not limited your sunglass collection to only one specific brand, but maximized your style in more ways than one. When it comes to sunnies- we have plenty of styles from Blenders, to Diff eyewear, and everything in between. TBF takes the time to also find fun stylish frame options that don’t hurt your wallet. With new styles always coming out, it’s always a treat to see new sunglasses on our displays!

TBF Boutique Insiders #fairydolls #slingingfashionsince2017:

Join our TBF Boutique Insiders Facebook group for all of our TBF steals and deals! In this group you will get to see hot new items before they are released as well as the chance to order items that you will not receive in store! Our Boutique Insiders group has everything from dresses to purses. As a boutique it is our job to make sure all of our fairy dolls (aka our customers) feel beautiful and powerful in everything they wear, and by joining this group you’re sure to feel amazing in your wardrobe. All you have to do is go on Facebook and search TBF Boutique Insiders!! 💙